Valley Care DPC

    Collinsville, AL

    We want to change the face of healthcare.

    Welcome to Valley Care DPC, an alternative approach for those who want a different healthcare experience that focuses on building a strong doctor-patient relationship.  We are located in Collinsville, Alabama, which is in the Northeast corner of the state, near DeSoto State Park and Little River Canyon. Our goal is to provide patients with comprehensive and personalized medical care while bypassing traditional insurance-based systems. We truly believe high-quality healthcare should be accessible to all.

    Valley Care DPC is a good option for patients wanting increased access to their physician while also keeping healthcare costs under control. Our patients receive unlimited visits for a flat membership fee and can spend up to an hour with Dr. Koe or our Nurse Practitioner as needed. We want to help you experience a new level of healthcare tailored to your unique needs, empowering you to take control of your healthcare journey.


    What is direct primary care?

    Direct primary care is an innovative healthcare model that significantly reduces the cost of almost every aspect of primary care. Patients pay a monthly membership fee directly to the physician, which covers a wide range of primary care services. The fee structure eliminates the need for insurance claims and co-pays, simplifying the financial aspect of healthcare.

    One of the key advantages of DPC is the emphasis on accessibility and continuity of care. Patients have enhanced access to their primary care physician, which allows for more timely interventions, closer monitoring of chronic conditions, and better coordination of healthcare services.

    Another advantage is the focus on preventive medicine and comprehensive care. Physicians typically have fewer patients, enabling them to spend more time with each patient during visits. This personalized approach allows the physician to develop a deeper understanding of their patients’ medical histories, lifestyles, and unique healthcare needs. By emphasizing preventive care and addressing health issues proactively, DPC aims to reduce the need for costly interventions and hospitalizations down the line.

    Direct primary care also offers cost savings for patients. Since DPC practices do not rely on insurance reimbursement, they can negotiate reduced prices for medications, laboratory tests, and diagnostic procedures. Patients often benefit from these discounted rates, resulting in lower out-of-pocket expenses compared to traditional fee-for-service models.

    Furthermore, the absence of third-party payer involvement allows DPC physicians to prioritize their patients’ best interests. The physician can advocate for appropriate treatments without interference from insurance companies. This creates a patient-centered approach and collaborative relationship between the physician and the patient.

    It is important to note that direct primary care is not a substitute for health insurance coverage. DPC addresses primary care needs and may not cover specialized care, hospitalizations, or major surgeries. Some patients may choose to complement their DPC membership with high-deductible health insurance plans or health sharing programs to cover these additional healthcare costs.

    Learn more as Dr. Koe discusses direct primary care from her home at Echo Ridge Farm in Collinsville, Alabama.

    Benefits of being a Valley Care DPC patient

    Increased access to our providers

    A Valley Care DPC patient can see or speak with Dr. Koe or Misty Ingram, CRNP up to an hour as many times as needed during the month.

    Discounted prescriptions

    Receive prescriptions at a discounted rate helping you cut costs and manage your healthcare savings.

    Reboot Your Health - Medicine 3.0

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