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From Dr. Frances Koe

I have been practicing in Collinsville now for almost 10 years. I am truly grateful for all the support we have gotten in our clinic over the last 10 years. We have worked hard to be part of our community and serve the health care needs as best as possible. We have worked hard to improve our clinic flow, patient care and meeting the needs of all who come to us. We all love taking care of all those who come. We plan to be around for a very long time! We hope to keep improving and serving all who come to us for many years to come.

I have thought long and hard about how to offer better health care at an affordable cost to all those who come to us. Many people have no insurance, have very high deductible insurance or have very high co-pays on office visits, tests and medicines. Many may be following our senators and representatives as they try to fix our healthcare system. It is a very daunting process and has been shown to be almost impossible. We have seen as both democrats and republicans have had great difficulty coming up with something that helps us all be able to afford to go see a doctor when we need to.

If you have been to our clinic at least once in the last 16 months we are sending this letter to inform you of some new changes we will be making to our clinic this fall and next year. On top of high costs for patients as I mentioned above it is getting harder and harder to keep up with the information that insurance companies want from most of us as primary care physicians. It is getting harder and harder to keep up with the administration and paperwork in our clinic. We would like to find a way to help both our patients and the staff in our clinic be able to take better care of everyone who comes in no matter your financial situation.

About 2 1/2 years ago a friend from Mississippi told me of new way to run a medical practice called DPC,
direct primary care. I liked what he said so the next summer I went to a conference in Atlanta on direct primary care. It was very interesting and I wanted to start practicing this way right then but I did not because I was very concerned about how I would take care of the 4000 patients who have come to my clinic over the last five years!

So to explain more about DPC. The idea is to cut costs significantly to all those who participate in this model of medicine. Our health care costs are out of control. To participate in this model as we are setting it up you would pay S50 a month to be a patient in the DPC clinic or you can still choose to come in as you do now.

lf you choose to use the DPC part of our clinic, this is what you would receive:

  1. A five minute wait to see the doctor not 15 minutes to 60 minutes.
  2. An hour with the doctor if you want or need it, we will only book one patient an hour.
  3. The cell phone of the doctor so you can personally call any time
  4. Many generic medications for as little as $ I a month and significant savings on other medications as well. This will not include controlled substances such as hydrocodone. Those types of medicines will have to come from a pharmacy.
  5. All labs that we perform in our clinic would be included such as urine tests, strep tests. flu tests, EKGs, etc. Injections are also included in this price. Antibiotic shots, flu shots and pain shots.
  6. Outside labs, where we draw blood, will be very low cost. The lab draw fee will be included in your monthly fee of $50. Some routine labs can be as low as $52.50.
  7. You will have the ability to text me and get treated for some illness over the phone or by text without having to come to the clinic.
  8. I will be dispensing medications at cost to all DPC patients as long as they are available through our medication company. Many medications are as low as $0.60 to S 1.00 low a month supply. Some may be $2 a month. We will still be able to give a 90 day supply of meds to save even more. You will save on the medication as well as the trip to the pharmacy if it is a longer distance away from your home. I can give you the medication during your visit. We will even be able to have meds delivered to your door.
  9. If you have no insurance I’ll be able to provide high quality health care for a much lower cost.
  10. If your deductibles are high we will still be able to give you high quality healthcare at a very low cost.

The American Academy of Family Medicine is supporting this model of health care delivery. I have again gone to a class this summer on how to run this type of clinic. We will be keeping our current clinic intact, Wills Valley Family Medicine. so that if you cannot afford the monthly payment we will still be available to give you health care. You will continue to see Brandi Ware CRNP and now our newest addition, Virginia Rutledge, CRNP. For those who may not know it yet, Judith had to leave to serve the Navy in Pensacola. She has been in the Navy reserves for many years. We hope to get her back one day but for now she is serving our country.

We want to be able to save you money on your health care through this medical model so we will be holding at least two town hall meetings to answer questions as well as help you determine if you will be able to save money on your health care costs. I am sure there will be many questions. This type of system can work for many ‘”who have insurance and those who don’t. I will only be able to serve around 500 -600 people in this manner. And remember, we will still be serving all those who cannot afford to participate in our regular Wills Family Medicine Clinic. So we hope if this sounds appealing to you we can help you get started. I will not be changing over fully to this model until January 1st. We want to give everyone the opportunity to research their cost savings this fall, especially if you have Medicare and can change your plan to save monthly fees coming out of your social security checks. These changes have to occur between October and December. The meeting dates will be Tuesday, September l2th and Tuesday, October 1Oth. We will meet at the library in the upstairs meeting room. If we need more meetings before the December deadline to change Medicare plans we will be happy to do this. Thank you for your support and time. I understand this is a very new concept and we hope to help people understand it well so that we as primary care doctors can change the face of medicine in our country and significantly bring down costs.

What’s Not Included:

The following is a list of the services that are not included under our direct primary care payment of $50:

  • Services provided by other practitioners such as a sub-specialist to whom the patient is referred
  • Outpatient medication purchased at the pharmacy or through our office as well as supplies we cannot provide during a patients visits so medications do add some expense to the visit but if we are able to provide them it will be at very low costs.
  • Hospital Care, including inpatient admission, rounds and discharge. Imaging studies ( i. e. X-rays, CT scans, MRIs. ultrasounds. etc.) But we have agreements with local imaging centers to get these at very low cost as well.
  • Lab studies done outside of the office. But as we said above we will be able to get very low prices on labs sent out.
  • Any services rendered by the other facilities or by another providers in the rare event that Dr. Koe is unavailable or specialized care is needed such as cardiology.
  • Newborn circumcisions
  • Certain ancillary services (such as home health or Hospice orders for medicare patients), as these may be limited by the patient’s insurance policy.

Would this fit your needs?

Would you be interested in learning more by attending a informational seminar at Dr. Koe’s Office and the library?

Please let us know if you will be able to attend and we will work on showing you how we can personally save you money on your healthcare costs.

Thank you so much for allowing us to take care of your health care needs.

Dr. Frances Koe, MD

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