Dr. Frances Koe, MD

    Dr. Frances Koe, MD, MPH, is a licensed family physician. Inspired by a lifelong passion for nutrition and an interest in everything self-sufficient and regenerative, she set out to educate Alabamians about health, emphasize the importance of the connection between mind and body, and provide information about the interconnected topics of food, farming and medicine.

    When she was 31 years old, Dr. Koe decided on a career in medicine. Dr. Koe first took a detour into the School of Public Health and earned a Master’s of Public Health (MPH) in Health Behavior. After earning her Master’s degree, Dr. Koe took the MCAT and applied to medical school. An advisor introduced her to the Rural Medical Scholars Program. This had always been her dream, so she applied and was selected for the number one spot out of all the applicants. As an older student, it can be harder to stand out, so this was an incredible achievement.

    Dr. Koe was 39 years old the summer she entered her first year of medical school at the University of Alabama School of Medicine. She was likely the first grandmother who was also a medical student! Dr. Koe had independently studied nutrition and prevention for years before entering school, and this was her passion. In order to become a successful family practice physician in a rural area, it is important to have a wide knowledge base.

    The University of Alabama School of Medicine prepares their students well. Because she was part of the Rural Medical Scholars Program, Dr. Koe finished her medical training in Tuscaloosa. There was a strong focus in family medicine, and she was accepted into the family medicine residency program. She graduated from Tuscaloosa Family Medicine residency in 2007.

    Dr. Koe had her choice of practicing anywhere in Alabama, as long as it qualified as rural. She looked north of I-59, as most of her family, friends, and colleagues were in the northern part of the state. Dr. Koe decided that wherever a piece of land and a clinic were both available, she would make her home. She was very lucky to find her current property, which was exactly four miles and one stop sign away from an empty clinic. Soon after, DeKalb Regional Medical Center hired her. After one year, she could purchase the clinic from the hospital.

    In October 2022, the Wills Valley Family Medicine clinic celebrated 15 years of proudly serving the Collinsville community. Dr Koe has incorporated her passion for health and her deep belief in supporting the local economy and plans to remain in North Alabama for the remainder of her life. Dr. Koe’s goals as a physician are to be available to the community, teach the importance of a healthy lifestyle, and to be accessible for all her patients’ general health care needs. She provides home visits for the elderly when the need arises.

    As a family practitioner, she treats patients ranging in age from newborn to elderly. Dr. Koe does referrals to any specialist and also provides services, including pap smears and minor surgical procedures. She strives to provide the most natural and least invasive treatment available for every issue and health concern. Dr. Koe’s caring and competent staff is well versed in a variety of physical exercises for the treatment of strains and she often suggests herbs for some minor health issues. Dr. Koe does not prescribe narcotics or any other controlled substance without seeing the patient first. This includes pain, anxiety, and sleep medications. She looks forward to helping you on your journey towards vibrant health!


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