I have been a family practice physician in Collinsville, AL since October 1st 2007 and am truly grateful for the support we have gotten in our clinic all these years! My dedicated staff and I have worked hard to provide the best possible healthcare for our patients and to be part of the community as well. We have worked tirelessly to improve our clinic flow, the quality of our patient care and our ability to meet the needs of all who come to us. Our doors are always open to everyone, and we plan to continue serving the Collinsville community with joy and pride for many years to come.

    Many people struggle to afford quality care because of the complicated healthcare system in America today. During the nearly two decades that I have been practicing medicine in Northeast Alabama, I have seen patients face multiple challenges. A large number of people are without insurance or have high deductibles and copays for medical care, such as prescriptions and lab tests. Many may have tried to follow along with our senators and representatives as they work to fix our healthcare system. It is a daunting task which has seemed almost impossible. I have thought long and hard about how to offer better health care at an affordable cost to all those who need us.

    My patients have not been the only ones to struggle. We face challenges in the clinic too. The demands of insurance companies are increasingly difficult to meet in today’s healthcare system. The administrative burden and volume of paperwork in the clinic are hard to keep up with. As a team, we continually work on ways to reduce this burden and the healthcare costs for each individual.

    In order to address the issues facing patients across the state and streamline the administrative side, I opened my DPC clinic. Valley Care DPC has been serving Alabama patients for over 5 years.

    When I first learned about direct primary care, or DPC, I knew it could offer solutions. It took us a couple of years to decide to add DPC but we do not regret making this decision. Our highest priority is ensuring that all patients in the Wills Valley Family Medicine clinic and Valley Care DPC receive the best care possible. We will continue to strive for the highest level of quality affordable care and are always available to hear about any difficulties you might be facing.

    What is DPC?

    We’re going to outline how Direct Primary Care (DPC) works. The primary goal of DPC is to reduce costs significantly for all participants. It does not matter if you have insurance. We can review your medication costs, co-pays and deductibles to help you determine if DPC will save you money. Let us help you decide if DPC makes sense!

    Our services require a monthly membership of $60. The Valley Care DPC clinic has many other benefits, besides the lower cost, that may be very appealing to you as a patient. We’ll give you a rundown of the advantages of DPC and allow you to select what matters most to you in your healthcare journey.

    Our plan is to continue the Wills Valley Family Medicine Clinic alongside Valley Care DPC as long as I am practicing medicine in Collinsville. There are some definite benefits to DPC that are not available to those who use the traditional model of healthcare.


    Shorter Wait Times:

    With DPC, you will often have a much shorter wait time. We work hard to see you quickly, and we can usually take your vitals and put you in an exam room as soon as you come into the clinic. There are only two of us in the clinic most of the time, but we can pull help from the WVFM clinic if needed. 

    Longer Appointments Available:

    You get half an hour to an hour with your doctor. We only book 1-2 patients, depending on their needs per hour. We can do half an hour visits in the Wills Valley Clinic also, but often the appointments are cut short because of the administrative burdens and other tasks. Choosing DPC means you get more face-to-face time with your care provider.

    After-Hours Communication:

    You will receive Dr. Koe’s cell phone number and can text her with questions about medical issues after hours. Frequently, this will help you avoid a costly trip to urgent care or the emergency room. You may also call her directly in case of an emergency. 

    Phone Consults as Needed:

    In case you can’t come to the clinic, we also offer phone consultations. We make an effort to be there for you when you cannot travel to see us, although some issues will require in-person visits.

    Low-Cost Prescriptions:

    There are several generic medications that can be as low as $1.00 a month, and we have many prescriptions at a substantial discount compared to most pharmacies. Even people with insurance can save on prescription costs with DPC, as our medications often cost less than their medication co-pays.

    At Cost In-House Lab Testing:

    We have “at cost” prices for our in-house labs, which are often much more affordable than other clinics. We still check urine for free. Our testing, such as ECGs, will still be free.

    Cash Price for Outside Labs:

    The cash price for drawing and sending blood to outside labs is very low. We only charge the cost of the lab and our current lab has graciously allowed us to do this for the DPC clinic. 

    Bilingual Healthcare Services:

    We have bilingual staff and Spanish translation available for patients who do not have English as their first language.

    Unlimited Monthly Visits:

    You can schedule as many visits as you want each month with DPC. We often see people weekly for serious health concerns.

    Compassionate Care in Special Circumstances:

    We have done home visits, nursing home visits, and assisted living visits in special circumstances. As a family practice physician, Dr. Koe is skilled at providing care from birth to the end of life.

    Wellness and Prevention Services:

    We do extensive wellness and preventive care. I have a special interest in preventative care, which has been shown in multiple studies to extend the life of the patients who practice wellness strategies dramatically. We also offer alternative therapies when they are appropriate.

    Quick Provider Availability:

    We work hard to be available within 24 hours. This is not always possible, but if we can’t see you in person, we can often call. Our CRNP is available to help when Dr. Koe’s schedule is full.

    Family Focused:

    We have a strong family focus, which includes children. If an adult has a DPC membership, each child is only $10 per month. Our practice is small and you will always talk to someone you know.

    What DPC Membership does NOT include: 

    -The services provided by other practitioners, such as specialists and subspecialists, to whom we refer patients. 

    -We cannot provide certain outpatient supplies and medications through our clinic (such as crutches and other medical supplies), or services like home health and hospice. We work hard to help people get charity care in these areas when needed. 

    -Hospital care, including in-patient admissions, hospital rounds and discharge. 

    -Imaging studies, such as X-rays, CT scans, MRIs, ultrasounds and other services. We work hard to get these at the lowest cost possible by working with local providers.

    As always, we appreciate your consideration and support.


    Dr. Frances Koe, MD, MPH